5 Likely Raw Draft Picks

5 Likely Raw Draft Picks

The 2019 WWE Draft is nearly upon us!

Stretched over two nights (Smackdown on October, 11 and Raw on October, 14) the WWE Draft will divide the WWE Superstars into two separate rosters exclusive to Monday Night Raw on the USA Network and Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. So, who will go where? Since Paul Heyman was named as Executive Director of Raw earlier this year, Raw has been in the midsts of a creative shake up. Whilst we may not have seen the full extent of Heyman’s influence on the red brand as of yet, WWE’s attempt to enforce a hard-brand split may be the shot in the arm, along with the Evil Genius Heyman, that Raw needs. Therefore here are 5 Superstars likely to be destined for Monday Night Raw after the WWE Draft:

  1. Seth Rollins – Universal Champion

This seems like a pretty obvious choice. Rollins has been promoted as “the guy” since defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania earlier this year. Whilst many will argue he hasn’t connected with the audience, WWE seems steadfast in continuing his major babyface run. Therefore, along with being the current Universal Champion, a championship exclusive to Raw, it would appear that the “new face of WWE” would be exclusive to the “flagship” WWE show, Monday Night Raw.

2. Becky Lynch – Raw Women’s Champion

Again, this may seem a pretty obvious choice. It would make logical sense that the Raw Women’s Champion be exclusive to Monday Night Raw, right? It seems likely that The Man isn’t going to drop the title any time soon also. The perfect opportunity and opponent to lose the Championship would have been to Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell on Sunday. However, Becky Lynch is still the champion and has certainly got the WWE machine behind her as the face of the Women’s division in WWE. Likewise with Seth Rollins it would then make sense for the face of the Women’s division to be exclusive to WWE’s flagship show on Monday Nights. Factor in her real life engagement to Seth Rollins, it looks more likely that The Man and The BeastSlayer will end up on the same brand and that brand will be Monday Night Raw.

3. Bray Wyatt

After the debacle that was the Hell in a Cell main event, it would appear that the Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt feud is not yet over. If Rollins is an exclusive property of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network it would then be likely that Bray Wyatt would also be a member of the red brand. The Fiend also has a huge fan in Paul Heyman. Heyman has reportedly been hands on with Bray Wyatt and his character. Therefore Heyman has likely pushed hard for Wyatt to remain on Monday Nights where he has appeared the majority of the time since appearing earlier this year.

4. Aleister Black

It has been reported by several sources this year, even prior to Heyman’s Executive Director appointment, that Paul Heyman has been working closely with Aleister Black, particularly with his promos. The former NXT Champion also appeared on Raw this past Monday during a “draft showcase” destroying The Singh Brothers in quick fashion. Prepare for more of The Dark Destroyer on Monday Nights working closely with Heyman. With Bray Wyatt’s exclusivity to Raw, could we also begin to dream of a feud with Aleister Black?

5. Buddy Murphy

It was only a few months ago when Smackdown’s best kept secret finally came out. Buddy Murphy was surprisingly included in the “Who attacked Roman Reigns feud” and flourished. Now, some have suggested that this was a consequence of WWE’s poor booking and the former Cruiserweight Champion’s inclusion was purely accidental but nevertheless Murphy began to generate some serious momentum. A superb match against Roman Reigns was followed by an excellent encounter with Daniel Bryan which Murphy shockingly picked up the victory. However, the following week Murphy lost in a King of the Ring match against Ali and the WWE Universe has hardly seen the Australia Superstar since. Yet again, it’s been speculated that Paul Heyman is a huge fan of the former 205Live star. Now that Smackdown is on FOX and may be considered WWE’s “A-Show” now it’s broadcast on Network television, a change of scenery may be the best for Buddy Murphy.

What do you think of our picks?

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