5 Likely Smackdown Draft Picks

5 Likely Smackdown Draft Picks

The 2019 WWE Draft is nearly upon us!

Stretched over two nights (Smackdown on October, 11 and Raw on October, 14) the WWE Draft will divide the WWE Superstars into two separate rosters exclusive to Monday Night Raw on the USA Network and Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. So, who will go where? Since Smackdown’s move to network television on the FOX network many consider the blue brand to be the new “A-Show” in WWE. It is likely that Smackdown will bring in the most viewers for WWE and it certainly brings in the most money in television rights after FOX paid over $1 Billion over 5 years to bring the blue brand to Friday Nights on their network. Therefore here are 5 Superstars likely to be destined for Friday Night Smackdown after the WWE Draft:

1. Brock Lesnar – WWE Champion

After winning the WWE Championship on Friday Night Smackdown’s FOX debut it would appear that The Beast is now headed to be a permanent fixture on Friday Nights. Not only has Brock appeared on Raw 99% of the time he makes his WWE scheduled appearances since the previous brand split in 2016, but with FOX demanding a more sports orientated production it would appear that Lesnar is a perfect fit for the blue brand. Factor in that the WWE Championship is exclusive to Smackdown then it looks like Lesnar is certain for the blue brand.

2. Roman Reigns

It has been reported that FOX is incredibly keen on having The Big Dog on Friday Night Smackdown. It was speculated that this was the reason that Roman Reigns was moved to Smackdown during the post-WrestleMania Superstar Shake-Up earlier this year. Now, whilst that may have essentially been voided with the quickly implemented (and lamented) “WildCard rule”, the former Universal Champion has appeared on Smackdown the majority of the time. Expect for that to continue as FOX is desperate to get return on their $1 Billion investment and Roman Reigns has a lot built into his brand and is one of few SuperStars in WWE that can help draw a rating.

3. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Women’s Champion

As we speculated on our 5 likely Raw Draft Picks article, it seems pretty straight forward that the Smackdown Women’s Champion will be drafted to Smackdown. Whilst WWE may attempt to throw a curve ball with this and the Raw/Smackdown Tag Team Championships, it is unlikely that WWE would give themselves this much of a headache. FOX are also very keen to have the star power of Charlotte Flair on Friday Nights. Therefore, expect to have Becky Lynch as the face of the Women’s Division on Raw and Charlotte Flair as the face of the Women’s Division on Smackdown.

4. Braun Strowman

The Monster among Men has been exclusive to Monday Night Raw since the previous Brand Extension in 2016. Since then Braun Strowman has climbed to the top of the card only to fail in his attempt to capture the Universal Championship several times. Now, whilst WWE can be faulted in their reluctance to pull the trigger on Strowman it can not be argued that the higher ups don’t see the potential in a giant on the WWE roster which doesn’t have as many big men as they once previously did. Smackdown now becoming WWE’s “A-Show” and his current feud with the legitimate sporting star in Tyson Fury, i expect Strowman to be drafted to Smackdown. Not only would this give Strowman as change of scenery to freshen up his character but it would also allow the opportunity to continue the Tyson Fury feud in WrestleMania season to widest audience possible.

5. Kevin Owens

After defeating Shane McMahon last week on Smackdown Kevin Owens would appear to have a new lease on life in WWE. Now, i would prefer for Kevin Owens to move back to NXT and have that heel edge that he previously had in the black and gold brand, i don’t expect that to happen. Whilst Owens may not fit in the sports-orientated approach that FOX may desire, the prize fighter gimmick could be a huge success on the blue brand. Although this pick isn’t set in stone, i think KO will stay on Friday Nights.

What do you think of our picks?

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