A King of the Ring rematch!

A King of the Ring rematch!

It has been announced that on Raw tonight we will see a King of the Ring rematch as King Corbin faces off against Chad Gable.

After defeating the former American Alpha member last week to win the King of the Ring tournament, King Corbin’s coronation was ruined when The King invited Chad Gable to join him in the ring.

After several “short” jibes from King Corbin, Gable attacked The King, destroying his throne, scepter, robe and King of the Ring crown.

It is likely that King Corbin will be seeking retribution tonight on Raw but Gable will also be looking for retribution as he seeks to avenge his King of the Ring final loss last week.

The duo had a terrific match last week to culminate the King of the Ring tournament but are you interested in seeing a rematch this week?

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