ANALYSIS: Jeff Hardy takes a public URINE TEST on Smackdown

ANALYSIS: Jeff Hardy takes a public URINE TEST on Smackdown

Fans have been critical of WWE and Smackdown creative after last night’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown saw Jeff Hardy take a public urine test during his Backlash contract signing with opponent Sheamus.

This is just the latest in questionable segments during this “Jeff Hardy, recovering addict/junkie” storyline that has been prominent on Friday Night Smackdown in recent weeks.

Prior to this, Jeff Hardy had been “framed” with a drunken hit and run on Smackdown Superstar Elias. Hardy would later be exonerated at a local police station after passing sobriety tests and receiving eyewitness accounts that the driver of the vehicle in question was a guy with “red hair and a red beard”.

This questionable, and at some points comically bad, creative comes mere days after Paul Heyman was removed as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw and replaced with current Executive Director of Friday Night Smackdown Bruce Prichard.

The sooner that this angle finishes the better. However, it does raise concern that these kind of storylines and creative scenarios could be soon coming to Monday Night Raw.

Take a look at my thoughts on the Jeff Hardy public urine test segment in our latest YouTube video below.

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