MAJOR WWE creative shake up | Paul Heyman no longer Executive Director of Raw

MAJOR WWE creative shake up | Paul Heyman no longer Executive Director of Raw

WWE has announced that Paul Heyman will no longer be in the role of Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, with Bruce Prichard assuming the role of Raw and Smackdown Executive Director. The move will also see the consolidation of Raw and Smackdown writing teams into one team, overseen by Bruce Prichard.

However, WWE has also announced during their statement that Paul Heyman will continue with the WWE as an on-screen performer. The assumption is that this will be in his regular on-screen role as the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

The announcement was made Thursday afternoon via social media and WWE’s official website.

Many did not see the announcement coming and has taken superstars, pundits and fans alike by surprise. Heyman, along with Eric Bischoff, were announced as the Executive Directors of Raw and Smackdown respectively in June 2019. Fast forward to one year later, neither man is still in their respective position.

We will report further news regarding this story once we receive it.

Take a look at my thoughts on this breaking news regarding WWE’s creative shake-up in our latest YouTube video below.

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