Charlotte Flair “injured” – Taking personal time away from WWE

Charlotte Flair “injured” – Taking personal time away from WWE

It has been revealed that Charlotte Flair will be taking time away from WWE after the former 12-time Champion was written off of WWE TV on Raw last night.

Charlotte Flair was unsuccessful in her pursuit of the Raw Women’s Championship, tapping out to current champion Asuka during last night’s episode of Raw. However, during the show, Flair had a number of confrontations with Nia Jax. The final of which resulted in the irresistible force “injuring” Charlotte Flair backstage, attacking her previously injured arm.

It has since ben revealed by Alex McCarthy at TalkSPORT that Charlotte Flair will now be taking some personal time away from WWE, in addition to undergoing an undisclosed surgery.

It was also reported that there was a “0% chance” that Charlotte Flair would return at SummerSlam. It is more likely that The Queen will return during Royal Rumble season in January of 2021.

However, it has been suggested that should an excellent story or match be presented, then Charlotte Flair would consider returning as early as Survivor Series in November of 2020.

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