Conor McGregor to WWE?

Conor McGregor to WWE?

Former two weight UFC World Champion Conor McGregor made headlines this weekend when the Irish MMA star posted a tweet saying that he had retired from Mixed Martial Arts.

While many have speculated this “retirement” is not legitimate and merely a negotiating tactic from the notorious one, it does raise the question of what Conor McGregor will do in his post-UFC career.

Could McGregor end up competing in a WWE ring? Conor McGregor has teased working with WWE past, and given his outlandish personality, many think McGregor would be a perfect fit.

However, given that this is his third “retirement” in 4 years, to say everyone must take this news with a pinch of salt would be an understatement.

Take a look at my thoughts on Conor McGregor heading to WWE in our latest YouTube video below.

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