Dream Match: Jon Moxley vs Mick Foley

Dream Match: Jon Moxley vs Mick Foley

This week’s dream match features a clash of generations. Two Superstars known for their crazy in ring styles, willingness to put their body on the line at all costs to entertain the fans and hardcore attitudes.

The dream match this week is Jon Moxley vs Mick Foley.

Funnily enough this match nearly did happen. At WrestleMania XXVIII weekend a young Jon Moxley (then Dean Ambrose), who was currently in WWE’s developmental system FCW, “confronted” Mick Foley in a hotel lobby. The two shared words on how Mick Foley had “destroyed the business” with his wreckless in ring style for future generations. The video went viral on social media leading to fans questioning if the confrontation was a work or a shoot.

This was actually intended to kick off a feud between the two. Moxley would be called up to the WWE main roster feuding with Foley and the hardcore legend would work with a young WWE Superstar elevating them to the next level as he had done during his latter career with WWE.

However, that all changed once Mick Foley went to the WWE mandated physical in which neurological specialists said that Mick Foley would be forced to retire due to the numerous concussions sustained throughout the years. Therefore, Foley quietly retired from in-ring competition and the Foley/Ambrose feud was scrapped.

Things worked out for Ambrose in the long term, debuting with The Shield, later becoming a WWE Champion and now enjoying a new lease on life with All Elite Wrestling.

But who do you think would have won this Dream Match? Dean Ambrose or Mick Foley?

Let us know your thoughts on this dream match!

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