Dream Match: Roman Reigns vs The Rock

Dream Match: Roman Reigns vs The Rock

This week’s Dream Match features family members facing off. In a clash of generations it is Roman Reigns vs The Rock.

Who would win this match? Let’s take a look at the career highlights of both WWE Superstars

Roman Reigns

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship x3
  • WWE Universal Championship x1
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship x1
  • WWE United States Championship x1
  • WWE Tag Team Championship x1 (with Seth Rollins)
  • 28th Triple Crown Champion
  • 9th Grand Slam Champion (under current format, 17th overall)
  • 2015 Royal Rumble Winner

The Rock

  • WWE Championship x8
  • WCW Championship x2
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship x2
  • WWE Tag Team Championship x5 (with Mankind (3), The Undertaker (1) and Chris Jericho (1)
  • 2000 Royal Rumble Winner
  • 6th Triple Crown Champion

Certainly a dream match to many members of the WWE Universe, but could this dream match become a reality? Next year’s WrestleMania does take place in both Superstar’s home state of Florida…

Who would win this match? and how would you build to it?

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