Extreme Rules: The Horror Show? | PPV gets a new tag line?

Extreme Rules: The Horror Show? | PPV gets a new tag line?

It would appear that WWE had added yet another tagline to their latest pay per view presentation.

After tag lines such as “WrestleMania: Too big for one night”, “Money in the Bank: Is the risk worth the reward?” and “Backlash: The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, Extreme Rules is now going by the name of “Extreme Rules: The Horror Show”.

This change to the marketing of the event has not yet been referenced by WWE on Raw or Smackdown and has not yet appeared on any match graphics or promotional material.

However, WWE.com on Thursday began running articles for the WWE Network event as “Extreme Rules: The Horror Show”. This was seen across multiple articles discussing the matches already announced for the event.

This has lead many fans to speculate that the event could be main evented by a cinematic WWE Universal Championship match between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt, or the many “faces” of Bray Wyatt. Could we be about to see another ‘House of Horrors match’? The previous edition of this match did take place at Extreme Rules in 2017 as Randy Orton faced off against Bray Wyatt.

The matches that have so far been announced for the event have reflected this name change for Extreme Rules on WWE.com.

preview on WWE.com for Sasha Banks vs. Asuka at Extreme Rules reads:

“Will Banks become a double champion, or will Asuka continue to reign supreme on the red brand? Find out at WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show, streaming Sunday, July 19, at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network!”

In addition to this, a preview for the Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre WWE Championship match has the following paragraph:

Dolph Ziggler arrived on Raw determined to remind Drew McIntyre who he owes for his rise to the pinnacle of sports-entertainment. The Showoff will have the opportunity to back up his words at WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show in a match against the Scottish Superstar for the WWE Title.

What is your opinion on the “Extreme Rules: The Horror Show” subtitle?

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