Heel or Face: Hulk Hogan

Heel or Face: Hulk Hogan

This week’s edition of Heel or Face features WWE Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan.

Throughout his storied career, “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan has won a variety of Championships. Hogan is a former 6-time WWE Champion, a 1-time WWE Tag Team Champion, a 6-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, a IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the 1990 & 1991 Royal Rumble winner.

Hulk Hogan has portrayed both a heel and a babyface during his professional wrestling career. A babyface during the majority of his career, Hogan most famously portrayed a babyface in the then World Wrestling Federation from 1983 to 1993. During this time, Hogan headlined multiple WrestleMania’s, won several WWE World Championships, including one WWE Championship reign which lasted over 4 years (1474 days).

Upon leaving the WWE in 1993 and jumping to World Championship Wrestling in 1994, Hogan would continue to portray a babyface, headlining pay per views and winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

However, in 1996, Hogan would famously turn heel and align himself with The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) forming the New World Order (NWO). This heel turn would coincide with record business for WCW and lead to an 83 week television ratings victory for WCW over WWE.

Hogan would later return to his traditional babyface character in WCW before returning to the WWE in 2002. Apart from once again becoming a villain during his run in TNA in 2010, Hogan has largely remained a babyface character during his appearances in professional wrestling now once again under contract with WWE.

Which version of Hulk Hogan do you prefer? Heel or Babyface?

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