Heel or Face: Kevin Owens

Heel or Face: Kevin Owens

This week’s edition of Heel or Face features the one of Raw’s latest draft picks, Kevin Owens

Since debuting on the main WWE roster in 2015 Owens has become a one-time WWE Universal Champion, a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and a three-time WWE United States Champion.

Owens has been both a heel and a babyface during his career with WWE. Initially debuting as a heel prizefighter in 2015, a gimmick he had portrayed during his time in NXT, Owens would remain as villainous heel throughout several rivalries, title reigns and tag team partnerships until October 2018.

During a match against Bobby Lashley on the October 8, episode of Monday Night of Raw Lashley would “injure” Owens, allowing the former Universal Champion to undergo needed double knee surgery. However, during the match a double-turn took place. This is where the babyface (Bobby Lashley) became a heel and the heel (Kevin Owens) became a babyface.

When Owens returned to WWE in February he would return as a babyface briefly before turning heel once again in April of 2019 by turning on then WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to feud for the WWE Championship. This heel turn would also be short lived however, as Owens would once again become a babyface in July 2019 during his feud with on-air authority figure Shane McMahon. Kevin Owens has remained as a Face to the current day in WWE.

Which version of Kevin Owens do you prefer? Heel or Babyface?

Let us know below!

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