Heel or Face: Seth Rollins

Heel or Face: Seth Rollins

This week’s edition of Heel or Face features the current WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

Since debuting on the main WWE roster in 2012 Rollins has become a 4-time WWE World Champion (2-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time WWE Universal Champion), a 2-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a 1-time WWE United States Champion and a 5-time WWE/Raw Tag Team Champion.

Rollins has been a Heel and a Babyface on several occasions in WWE. Initially a Heel when The BeastSlayer debuted in WWE in 2012 as a member of the Villainous group The Shield, the entire group gradually turned babyface in 2014 during their feud with The Authority, Evolution and The New Age Outlaws.

However, the face turn for Rollins would be short lived as he eventually turned on his Shield partners in 2014, siding with Triple H and The Authority, turning heel in the process.

Rollins would once again turn Babyface in 2016 when Triple H turned on Rollins during Rollins Fatal-4 Way Universal Championship match on Raw. Seth Rollins has remained as a Face to the current day in WWE.

Which version of Seth Rollins do you prefer? Heel or Babyface?

Let us know below!

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