Heel turn and new STABLE on WWE Raw coming soon?

Heel turn and new STABLE on WWE Raw coming soon?

It has been speculated that we could be about to see a new faction begin to form on Monday Night Raw in the near future.

This past week on Monday Night Raw, MVP approached WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews about a potential business relationship, similar to MVP and Bobby Lashley, between the US Champion and MVP. However, Apollo Crews was very quick to dismiss such a partnerhip.

Crews would go on to defeat Shelton Benjamin later on in the show, using some heel-ish tactics in using the ring ropes for leverage, after Benjamin had initially attempted to do so first. This led to discussions if WWE is planting the seeds for an Apollo Crews heel turn in the future.

An Apollo Crews heel turn has long been speculated over the last few months, ever since Crews “injured” his knee, forcing him out of the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

WWE continued to tease this turn with MVP posting a clip on social media of the former United States Champion once again offering his services to Apollo Crews. Likewise, MVP also offered to help Shelton Benjamin get another shot at Apollo Crews after his controversial loss on Raw.

This has lead many to speculate that we could soon see a stable of Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and United States Champion Apollo Crews, lead by MVP as a mouthpiece, on Monday Night Raw in the near future.

Would you be interested in seeing this potential faction on Raw?

Take a look at my thoughts on a potential Apollo Crews heel turn in our latest YouTube video below.

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