How many “versions” of Matt Hardy are there?

How many “versions” of Matt Hardy are there?

Matt Hardy has certainly been making an impact ever since debuting in All Elite Wrestling earlier this year.

Curiously, we have seen several “versions” of Matt Hardy so far in AEW. Matt Hardy has switched between famous characters such as “Broken” Matt Hardy, “Damascus” Matt Hardy, “Big Money Matt”, “Team Extreme” Matt Hardy and “Classic” Matt Hardy.

This was best represented during his promo with Sammy Guevara this week on AEW Dynamite. During the promo, Hardy seemingly switched between several iterations of himself in a matter of seconds. This led to us comparing this “multiple personality” Matt Hardy to the character of Kevin Wendell Crumb from the ‘Split’ movie.

When we asked if there were more personalities and versions of Matt Hardy that we have yet to see in AEW, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion responded with “I AM MANY. I AM MANY MORE”. Does this mean we will see even more versions of Matt Hardy in AEW? With his desire to have one of the most layed characters in profesional wrestling, introducing several more “versions” of Matt Hardy could certainly do just that.

Take a look at my thoughts on Matt Hardy’s multiple identities in our latest YouTube video below.

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