Is the WWE Brand Split over?

Is the WWE Brand Split over?

Social Media and the wrestling world is still buzzing after the news that Paul Heyman has been removed as the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw.

With the rumours rumbling that Vince McMahon is currently unhappy with NXT’s ratings defeats opposite AEW with Raw and Smackdown’s declining ratings, could further creative changes be occurring soon?

Some have speculated that the “consolidation” of Raw and Smackdown’s creative teams into one team, overseen by Bruce Prichard, that this could mark the end of the WWE Brand Split.

This is the third time that WWE has attempted to utilise a brand split between Raw and Smackdown rosters. The first attempt was from 2002 – 2011, the second being from 2016 – 2019, and the third (and possibly final) attempt coming in October of 2019 with a two night WWE Draft on Smackdown and Raw.

So, is the WWE Brand Split coming to an end once again?

Take a look at my thoughts on the potential end of the WWE Brand Split in our latest YouTube video below.

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