Matches That Almost Were: Angle vs Sting – WrestleMania X8

Matches That Almost Were: Angle vs Sting – WrestleMania X8

In this week’s edition of matches that almost were, we take a look at the Kurt Angle vs Sting match that was at one point penciled in for WrestleMania X8.

WrestleMania X8 took place on March 17, 2002 in the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The event is perhaps best known for the first time meeting between The Rock and Hulk Hogan in the “Icon vs Icon” match.

However, another WCW legend was also at one point scheduled to compete at the show.

The man they call Sting.

After WWE purchased WCW in 2001, many fans were clamouring for WCW’s man of mystery to finally come to the WWE. Some speculated it was not a case of “If” but a case of “when” the icon finally headed up north.

It’s been well documented that Sting has negotiated with WWE on several occasions to debut for the company during his WCW run and after WWE purchased their competition but for whatever reasons talks always fell through.

One such occasion was pre-WrestleMania X8. In early 2002, Sting was in heavy talks with the WWE about a run with the company including a WrestleMania match. WWE considered these talks to be certain to Sting signing with the company so much so that Sting was pencilled in to face former Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle at the showcase of the immortals in Toronto.

However, such as with the previous Sting/WWE negotiations, talks fell through and the match did not come to fruition. Instead, Kurt Angle faced Kane at WrestleMania in a feud which appeared to be fast tracked and rushed due to the Sting talks falling through.

Sting and Angle would eventually have some great matches in TNA from 2007 to 2011, including an empty arena match which fans still talk about today.

Ultimately, Sting would eventually sign with the WWE in 2014, making his debut appearance in a WWE ring at Survivor Series 2014. The Icon would also get his one and only WrestleMania match against Triple H in 2015, losing to The Game in a match that also featured appearances from D-Generation X and the NWO.

What do you think would have happened in the Sting/Kurt Angle match at WrestleMania X8 and who would have won the match?

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