Matt Hardy debuts for All Elite Wrestling on Dynamite

Matt Hardy debuts for All Elite Wrestling on Dynamite

After much speculation, Matt Hardy finally revealed his professional wrestling future as “The Broken One” himself made his AEW debut last night on Dynamite.

After the main event featuring The Elite vs The Inner Circle, which had Blood & Guts ramifications, Matt Jackson would go on to announce who would be replacing his brother Nick in the aforementioned War Games spin off.

During his promo fans at home saw the familiar sight of Vanguard 1 slowly land inside the middle of the AEW ring.

Piano music would begin to play as the camera slowly panned to high in the stands of the empty Daily’s Place arena. The camera would then zoom in on the updated and revamped “Broken” Matt Hardy standing in the stands, staring down The Inner Circle as the show went off of the air.

Check out our full reaction to “Broken” Matt Hardy’s AEW Debut below:

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