Matt Hardy vs Santana: AEW Dynamite 06 24 20 PREVIEW

Matt Hardy vs Santana: AEW Dynamite 06 24 20 PREVIEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite we will see a version of Matt Hardy face off against The Inner Circle’s Santana.

Originally the match was scheduled to be Matt Hardy going up against Sammy Guevara. However, after Sammy Guevara was suspended without pay due to past comments about Sasha Banks made during a 2016 podcast interview, Santana will now face Matt Hardy instead.

AEW fans now have the responsibility of choosing which version of Matt Hardy will face Santana. #BROKEN Matt Hardy fuelled by Damascus, #UNKILLABLE Matt Hardy or #OLDSCHOOL Matt Hardy.

Which version do you think we will see tonight on AEW Dynamite?

Take a look at my thoughts on Matt Hardy vs Santana our latest YouTube video.

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