Non-title ‘Swamp Fight’ confirmed for Extreme Rules

Non-title ‘Swamp Fight’ confirmed for Extreme Rules

WWE has officially confirmed that WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman will meet “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt in a non-title “Swamp Fight” at Extreme Rules in July.

Tonight on Smackdown, Braun Strowman addressed the return of the “Eater of Worlds” version of Bray Wyatt last week. The Universal Champion spoke about their history and how Bray Wyatt recruited Braun Strowman into The Wyatt Family, recalling a story about Bray Wyatt being bitten repeatedly in the face by a snake in a swamp.

Braun Strowman would then challenge Bray Wyatt to “return home back to the swamp”. This has since been confirmed by WWE to be a Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show.

This will likely be the cinematic wrestling presentation at Extreme Rules, as we have seen cinematic matches at at every pay per view event during this COVID-19 lockdown era of WWE.

However, it is curious as to why WWE has decided to make this match a non-title match. Perhaps to protect Braun Strowman if Bray Wyatt wins the match?

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