NXT Unsung MVPs: 09/25/19 – Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic

NXT Unsung MVPs: 09/25/19 – Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic

This week’s NXT Unsung MVPs are Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic.

These NXT Superstars have incredible chemistry in the ring and have had several fantastic matchups already so many fans had little doubt that their rematch on this week’s episode of NXT would yet again be a show stealer.

Spoiler: it certainly was!

Lee & Dijakovic consistently pull of some spectacular moves that men even half of their size would struggle to do. Some will say that a flip piledriver from the second rope by a 6’7 Superstar to a 300lb+ Superstar not being a finish to the match hurts the believability of the match. However, it still is spectacular nevertheless and the sight of Dijakovic hitting Lee with a Canadian Destroyer from the second rope is a sight to behold.

Both men put it all on the line to open the show and hopefully will have turned a lot of heads of casual viewers who have never seen the NXT product prior to watching on the USA Network.

With Lee grabbing the victory, hopefully we’ll see a re-match down the road, possibly at an upcoming NXT TakeOver event which could really set the stage for a perfect blow-off match to culminate a great feud.

Likewise, perhaps NXT could go a route of enemies becoming partners and merge both big men into a dominating tag team.

Feast your eyes while you bask in their glory?…

What did you think of their match this week on NXT?

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