Opinion on: Chad Gable?

Opinion on: Chad Gable?

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Today we ask you, what is your opinion on Chad Gable?

Gable lost his King of the Ring finals match against Baron Corbin last week on Raw in a terrific back and forth match up. Despite the former American Alpha member’s best efforts he came up short (no pun intended) to the eventual King Corbin.

However, during King Corbin’s coronation on Smackdown after being invited to the ring by the newly crowned King, Gable destroyed Corbin’s robe, throne, scepter and crown.

It’s been reported that despite the continuous “short” jibes scripted for WWE Superstars to volley at Gable, the recent run in the King of the Ring tournament is seen by Vince McMahon as a push for the former NXT, Smackdown & Raw Tag Team Champion.

Let us know your opinions on Chad Gable below!

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