Opinion on: Erick Rowan?

Opinion on: Erick Rowan?

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Today we ask you, what is your opinion on Erick Rowan?

The storyline throughout the Summer of the “attacks” on Roman Reigns certainly caught the attention of the crowd when first presented. However, the execution going forward week to week left a lot to be desired according to some members of the WWE universe.

With some speculating Samoa Joe, Drew McIntyre, Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, an Erick Rowan doppelganger (we won’t even go there), it was finally revealed by the former Wyatt Family member that Rowan himself was responsible for the attacks on The Big Dog.

Rowan has since turned on his past ally Daniel Bryan, reunited with his former Wyatt Family member and Bludgeon Brother tag team partner Luke Harper and defeated Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions. This has lead to Rowan being in a more prominently featured spot on Smackdown and pay per view events, even cutting live promos, something we had rarely heard from Rowan.

So, what do you think of Erick Rowan?

Has he impressed you with his recent performance? Is there potential to salvage this reportedly botched programme with Roman Reigns with Harper & Rowan’s tag team match against Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell or should that be the culmination of the feud?

Let us know your opinions on Erick Rowan below!

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