Opinion on: King Corbin?

Opinion on: King Corbin?

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Today we ask you, what is your opinion on King Corbin?

Corbin recently won the King of the Ring tournament defeating The Miz, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Samoa Joe & Chad Gable throughout the tournament to win the historical crown.

However, it’s his recent matches with Chad Gable that have been catching the eye of members of the WWE Universe. After a disappointing feud with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins over the WWE Universal Championship throughout the Summer, many wondered what was next for the former acting General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

Despite not still not being the most popular choice to win the King of the Ring it appears he is slowly winning over fans as the villainous, cocky King opposite the plucky underdog babyface Chad Gable.

What do you think is next for King Corbin and how far can this King character go?

Let us know your opinions on King Corbin below!

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