Opinion on: Seth Rollins burning down The FireFly Fun House?

Opinion on: Seth Rollins burning down The FireFly Fun House?

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Today we ask you; What is your opinion on Seth Rollins burning down The Firefly Fun House?

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw Seth Rollins vowed to “take control of his destiny” and find Bray Wyatt’s FireFly Fun House and the man who inhabits it. The BeastSlayer also made a promise to “burn it down” when he eventually found Wyatt’s inner sanctum.

However, once the Universal Champion appeared in The Firefly Fun House he did not come face to face with The Fiend. Rather, Rollins was confronted with children’s entertainer like alter ego of Bray Wyatt in his trademark cardigan. Relentless, Seth Rollins continued to attack Bray Wyatt, destroying his Fun House in the process.

Bray Wyatt seemed shocked by Rollins’ attack on him, asking, “Why are you doing this to me?”. Seth Rollins would continue to tear apart The FireFly Fun House eventually lighting a match and literally burning down Bray Wyatt’s inner sanctum. It has been speculated that The Fiend’s sole purpose was to protect the FireFly Fun House. So, what will The Fiend do now it is nothing but ash?

What were your opinions on this segment and Rollins/Wyatt Universal Championship feud?

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