Opinion on: The Hell in a Cell Main Event Ending?

Opinion on: The Hell in a Cell Main Event Ending?

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Today we ask you, what is your opinion on The Hell in a Cell Main Event Ending?

Many fans were tuning into the WWE Hell in a Cell pay per view to see if The Fiend Bray Wyatt would indeed defeat Seth Rollins to capture the WWE Universal Championship inside Hell in a Cell.

Here it was, the time came and the match was on. The crowd was transfixed with The Fiend’s eerie entrance complete with his severed head lantern. Straight away instead of the usual match lighting, the whole arena was draped in this ominous red lighting. If you looked on social media during this time you could see that the choice of lighting was slightly divisive, however fans were willing to see where they would go with the match.

However, as the match developed Rollins hit several big moves to which Wyatt no-sold, kicking out at 1 or getting straight back up. Rollins hit over a dozen stomps on The Fiend to no avail. Rollins hit Wyatt with a steel chair to the head, a ladder to the chair on Wyatt’s head, a toolbox ontop of this steel tower of doom and then finally a sledgehammer to Wyatt’s head on top of the steel pile of rubble on top of The Fiend’s skull to which the referee called for the bell, ruling it as a no contest….yes inside Hell in a Cell, a DQ/No contest.

To say the fans were displeased is an understatement. Fans loudly booed throughout Rollins’ offense but at the conclusion of the match these boo’s began to become audibly louder.

Chants of “bullshit”, “refund”, “AEW” and “restart the match” came from an infuriated crowd. Many were upset that The Fiend didn’t claim the Championship but more importantly upset at the weak nature of the booking of the match and damage it may have caused to arguably the hottest act currently in WWE.

Wyatt managed to get some offense in post-match to end the show standing tall but this wasn’t enough for the crowd. Social Media went into meltdown after the show criticising the booking, the finish, the idea of booking The Fiend into a match that he wouldn’t win and other issues with the storyline coming out of the match.

But what are your opinions on the ending to the main event at Hell in a Cell? Can WWE redeem this storyline or is this yet another example of tone deaf storytelling by the powers at be in Stamford, Connecticut?

Let us know your opinions on The Hell in a Cell Main Event Ending below!

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