Positive COVID-19 test at WWE PC | Why WWE is failing with their “testing” protocols | What next?

Positive COVID-19 test at WWE PC | Why WWE is failing with their “testing” protocols | What next?

WWE have released a statement announcing that a WWE developmental talent has tested positive for COVID-19.

Subsequently the television tapings scheduled for June 16, 2020 have been postponed as every talent and employee undergoes company wide testing for the coronavirus.

This news follows reports that a limited number of fans and family members of WWE Superstars were allowed in the audience for last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw. However, they had to sign a waiver to remove WWE’s liability should they contract COVID-19. It has also been reported that WWE PC trainees and other crowd members were told not to wear masks whilst in the crowd during the TV tapings.

This news is incredibly worrying and unsettling after rumours that this is the first time WWE has undertaken company wide testing for COVID-19 during the worldwide pandemic.

Previously, WWE has undertaken temperature checks, even allowing certain employees into the WWE PC despite a high temperature, in addition to medical questionnaires and asking employees “how they feel” before allowing them into the WWE Performance Center.

It has been confirmed by medical experts that COVID-19 can sometimes be asymptomatic, leading to concerns to if WWE is doing all they can to protect the health and safety of their employees. Regardless, in my opinion, WWE MUST do more when it comes to their testing procedures.

Take a look at my thoughts on the confirmed COVID-19 test and it’s repercussions in our latest YouTube video below.

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