Randy Orton PUNTS Christian! Unsanctioned match | Christian returning to the ring?

Randy Orton PUNTS Christian! Unsanctioned match | Christian returning to the ring?

WWE legend Christian made his shocking “in-ring” return as he faced off against Randy Orton in an unsanctioned match on Monday Night Raw.

After bragging about tearing the tricep off of the bone of Edge, Randy Orton discussed “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at Backlash to kick off Monday Nighy Raw. However, he would soon be interrupted by Edge’s best friend Christian.

The Viper then questioned Captain Charisma’s intentions. Orton speculated that this was all an attempt for “one more match” by Christian. Despite Christian refuting this, Randy Orton then challenged Christian to an unsanctioned match on Monday Night Raw, using the unsanctioned stipulation to get around Christian no longer being medically cleared to compete in WWE by it’s medical staff due to a history of concussion related issues. The Viper would call Christian a “coward” before informing him that this offer would expire at the end of the broadcast.

After debating it all night with the likes of WWE legends The Big Show and Ric Flair, Christian would accept Orton’s challenge, stepping into the ring for the first time since suffering a concussion during his final WWE match on Raw in 2014.

Ric Flair would make one final attempt at persuading Christian not to face off with The Viper. However, after Christian declined Flair’s advice, The Nature Boy struck Captain Charisma with a low blow. Randy Orton would then PUNT KICK the man who retired due to concussions in the skull for a quick victory.

Is this the final resting place for Christian’s WWE career? Will we once again see Christian in a WWE ring in the future? Why did Ric Flair low blow Christian? Is Randy Orton the best heel right now in WWE? So many questions remain, but one thing is for sure, that closing segment on Monday Night Raw between the WWE legends was one that we won’t soon forget.

Take a look at my thoughts on the Randy Orton vs Christian unsanctioned match from Raw in our latest YouTube video below.

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