Raw Unsung MVP: 09/23/19 – King Corbin

Raw Unsung MVP: 09/23/19 – King Corbin

This week’s Raw Unsung MVP is King Corbin.

During his King of the Ring finals rematch against Chad Gable on Raw, King Corbin perfectly played his role as the heel King.

At the beginning of the match the crowd was a particularly silent Raw crowd, as unfortunately seems the norm most Monday nights recently, but by the end of the match the crowd was firmly on their feet and chanting the name of Chad Gable. This is more evidence that King Corbin was playing his role as a villainous role to perfection.

Hopefully, King Corbin doesn’t go the way of King Sheamus or King Barrett whereby winning the tournament is more a hindrance than a push for the winner. Perhaps this is the push needed to elevate Corbin to the next level as opposed to the forced push into the Universal Championship picture as seen in the Summer which was not warmly received by fans.

What do you think of King Corbin?

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