#Speaking Out – This must never happen again, Real Change and Support of the victims

#Speaking Out – This must never happen again, Real Change and Support of the victims

More and more accusations, stories and tragic tales of sexual assault, misconduct and emotional, physical or sexual abuse continue to rock the world of professional wrestling.

The #SpeakingOut movement began last week and i was hesitant to immediately comment as this movement, stories and change is about my opinions, but about the stories, bravery of the victims and the injustice that they have had to suffer.

My initial response is that i am truly horrified by these accounts and i am beyond sorry that the victims had to go through these traumatic experiences. These stories are chilling, upsetting and need to be addressed within the wrestling business but also within the legal system. But, these victims have shown their bravery and courage to come forward, drive this unacceptable behaviour and offenders out of this business and spark real change.

No aspiring wrestler, regardless of gender, should be subject to any form of abuse for following their dream. No industry worker, fan or anyone for that matter, should be subject to emotional, physical, mental or sexual abuse from someone they trust or someone in a position of power.

Predators have no business in the wrestling industry and have no business in society in general. It’s time we no longer turn a blind eye to this issue and stop this systemic issue once and for all.

The “boy’s club” mentality in professional wrestling must end. The #SpeakingOut movement must and will be the catalyst for this. My only concern is that this may only be the beginning of allegations to surface, as this issue may go much, much deeper in the industry.

Critics will say “innocent until proven guilty”, which i also fundamentally believe in. However, the nature of these allegations is that the evidence is mostly anecdotal. It can come down to “her account vs his account”. This is what manipulators prey upon, and why victims are scared to speak up, because their stories will not be believed, their career ruined by someone in a position of power and their dream ruined.

Only 1.7% of rape allegations were prosecuted in England and Wales in 2019. This is why British female wrestlers have been scared to speak up, because it tends to fall on deaf ears.

As an industry we must do more. As a community we must to do more. As a society we must do more. This is the opportunity for real change and we must ensure horrific accounts like the ones we have recently heard never happen again.

Take a look at my thoughts on the #SpeakingOut movement in our latest YouTube video below.

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