Vickie Guerrero discusses WWE agreement of Eddie Guerrero & ‘moving on’ from WWE

Vickie Guerrero discusses WWE agreement of Eddie Guerrero & ‘moving on’ from WWE

Former WWE Superstar Vickie Guerrero has posted a Twitter comment regarding her agreement with WWE over the likeness, image and name of her late husband, WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero.

This discussion about this subject was made after it was announced this week that WWE Shop was selling a custom Eddie Guerrero WWE Championship as part of the “Signature Series” WWE Championship title belts.

Some then questioned if Vickie Guerrero or WWE had an agreement over the likeness of Eddie Guerrero.

This lead to Vickie Guerrero releasing the following statement explaining the agreement between herself and WWE which was made in 2006 and has remained ever since.

“Since 2006, @wwe & myself came to the agreement of @wwe owning the rights to Eddie’s image, name, and likeness! Vince was my saving grace from lawsuits with Eddie’s ex, debt, and other legalities to be settled! More details to come in my autobiography, out soon!

Cont..I humbly gave my heart & life to @wwe to gratefully be apart of the roster for many years. Great storylines and fame…For today, feelings change and people change….I have moved on from @wwe and will continue writing amazing chapters in my life! #moveforward

@VickieGuerrero – Twitter

Vickie Guerrero continued explaining that she has moved on from WWE, last appearing on the 1000th episode of Smackdown, and will continue writing amazing chapters in her life.

Vickie Guerrero has been recently seen on AEW programming such as AEW Dark, AEW Dynamite and was in the audience for AEW Double or Nothing in May. It was reported that WWE had prevented WWE Superstars from appearing on her “Excuse Me” podcast ever since the former Miss WrestleMania appeared on AEW programming.

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