What if…WCW won the Monday Night Wars?

What if…WCW won the Monday Night Wars?

Today’s edition of What If asks you to answer the following hypothetical scenario; What if WCW won the Monday Night Wars?

On the March 21, 2001 edition of WCW Monday Night Nitro and WWE Monday Night Raw Vince McMahon appeared on a simulcast on both programs and announced that he purchased his competition.

Ending the Monday Night Wars, Vince McMahon and the then-World Wrestling Federation had won the Monday Night Wars and managed to beat the competition of World Championship Wrestling owned by TBS and Ted Turner.

However, this “War” was not always straightforward. For 83 weeks between 1996 – 1998 WCW Monday Night Nitro had beaten WWE Monday Night Raw in the ratings consecutively. Stories have since come out that WWE was close to shutting their doors and going out of business due to the considerable beating that WCW had been placing on them.

Therefore, what would have happened if WCW had won the Monday Night Wars!

  • Would Mr.McMahon have ended up working for WCW as Eric Bischoff had for the WWE?
  • Would WCW Monday Night Nitro still be on the air today?
  • Would WCW still be in business today?
  • Would we have seen the likes of John Cena, Brock Lesnar etc. become a success as they have in WWE?
  • Would WCW have a network of their own now?

Let us know your theories below!

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