Who Remembers this 2004 WWE Draft Moment?

Who Remembers this 2004 WWE Draft Moment?

Who remembers this moment on from the 2004 WWE Draft?

The 2004 WWE Draft took place during the March 22, 2004 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw in Detroit, Michigan.

This was the first edition of the WWE Draft format in the pre-existing WWE Brand Extension.

During the night Raw, represented by General Manager Eric Bischoff, and Smackdown, represented by General Manager Paul Heyman, would each receive 6 draft picks from the opposition roster. These draft picks would be random draws from a tumbler spread throughout the show.

Prior to Smackdown drawing it’s 3rd draft pick, General Manager Paul Heyman was interrupted by then WWE United States Champion John Cena. The future WWE Champion would then take it upon himself to draw Smackdown’s next draft pick.

After a back and forth between General Managers Bischoff & Heyman, the Raw General Manager insisted that this would have to be Smackdown’s legitimate 3rd Draft pick. To his horror and the surprise of the WWE Universe, it was revealed that this draft pick was none other than Triple H.

Triple H would later compete against WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship in the main event of the show, a match that would later be a no contest as Raw & Smackdown rosters brawled to end the show.

The Game’s stay as a member of the Smackdown roster would be short lived however, as it was announced on the next episode of Smackdown that Triple H had been involved in a post-draft trade. This trade would see Triple H moving back to Raw with the likes of Booker T, The Dudley Boyz, Rico & Miss Jackie moving to Smackdown as his replacement.

What are your memories of the 2004 WWE Draft?

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