Who Remembers this Hardcore Holly moment on ECW?

Who Remembers this Hardcore Holly moment on ECW?

Who remembers this Hardcore Holly moment on ECW?

On the September 26, 2006 episode of ECW, Hardcore Holly faced off against Rob Van Dam in an Extreme Rules match. During the match Holly suplexed the former ECW Champion from the inside of the ring through a table set up on the mats on the outside of the ring.

During the impact of the maneuver, Hardcore Holly’s back was sliced open due to Van Dam landing on the table first and causing the table to break at an awkward angle prior to Holly falling through it. This angle would slice open a nasty cut on the back of Hardcore Holly.

The cut was at least 14 to 15 inches long across the former Hardcore Champion’s back in addition to being considerable deep. Holly would continue the match for 10 further minutes to completion where RVD would hit a frog splash to win the match.

Hardcore Holly would receive a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance leading to a babyface run on WWE’s then third brand. The cut would require 24 stitches to close and certainly caused fans to gain even more respect for the double tough WWE legend.

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