Who remembers this moment on Raw?

Who remembers this moment on Raw?

Who remembers this moment from Raw during the 2007 WWE Draft?

During the 3-hour WWE Draft event on a 2007 edition of Raw, superstars representing their respective brands competed for draft picks. If a superstar won their match their brand would receive a draft pick from the other two competing rosters. All 3 WWE Brands would be represented in the 2007 Draft, Raw, ECW and Smackdown.

After Raw’s Candice Michelle defeated Smackdown’s Kristal Marshall in a singles match, ECW Champion Bobby Lashley would be drafted to Raw. Due to the inability of having the ECW Championship being represented on the Raw brand, Bobby Lashley was immediately stripped of the ECW Championship by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon.

Do you remember this moment? If so, what did you make of the 2007 draft?

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