Who Remembers this Rated RKO moment on Raw?

Who Remembers this Rated RKO moment on Raw?

Do you remember this Rated RKO moment on Monday Night Raw from 2006?

On the October 9, 2006 “Season Premiere” of Monday Night Raw, Edge hosted a special edition of The Cutting Edge with guest Randy Orton. During the chat show The Rated R Superstar would proposition an alliance to take down the recently reformed D-Generation X.

Edge would remind Orton how Triple H turned on The Legend Killer and violently removed the former World Heavyweight Champion from Evolution the night after he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2004.

With Lita by his side Edge would complain and bemoan that D-Generation X had cost him the WWE Championship, in his eyes, in a Steel Cage match with then WWE Champion John Cena the week prior on Raw. Randy Orton would agree to join Edge in this crusade against DX and at that very moment Rated RKO was born.

The following week on Raw the show would open with D-Generation X’s music. However, Triple H and Shawn Michaels would not appear. Instead, in the same vein as previous DX skits in the attitude era, Edge and Randy Orton would appear instead in costumes mocking The Game and The Heartbreak Kid.

Edge would be portraying Triple H, donning a large fake nose, whilst Randy Orton would portray Shawn Michaels wearing leather chaps and a Shawn Michaels wig. Both Superstars would mock both members of D-Generation X by cracking jokes about DX’s age, voice and other features in what was a classic segment.

What are your memories of Rated RKO impersonating D-Generation X?

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